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Shane Vis from Tasa Construction talks about Avitan

Aquilino Naccarato from Ackard Contractors talks about Avitan

Richard Plamondon from Ackard Contractors talks about Avitan

Wayne Stewart from A.R. Wright talks about Avitan

Ernie Blouin from Ernest Construction talks about Avitan

Ernie Roos from Ernco Exteriors talks about Avitan

Dave Forrest from Corona Construction talks about Avitan

“Westmount Homes Ltd has been working with Avitan for just over a year and as a result, the change in our company has been dramatic. There is a marked change in outlook, focus, definition of responsibilities through the elimination time wasting activities and scattered thoughts, replacing them with concrete goals and directed tasks. Avitan’s building block approach and ongoing support instills confidence in our company and has enabled Westmount Homes to redefine our purpose without overwhelming our day to day operations. Working with Avitan is an investment in the future of Westmount Homes Ltd. We look forward to a prosperous long term relationship with Avitan.”

David Smith, Westmount Homes in Calgary, AB

“CMH Construction is a concrete and excavation company operating in Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba.  Avitan Business Resources have helped us in all areas of our business.  Their customized training system has helped CMH Construction grow as a company.  They have taken the time to analyze our needs and have helped us implement policies and procedures that are vital for the growth of our company. When challenges arise for us with the new systems that Avitan have put in place,  Avitan works diligently to make modifications that meet our needs.

Avitan have provided CMH Construction resources in the areas of marketing, accounting, estimating and controlling costs on projects.  Amos and the Avitan team will help you take your company to the next level and are a pleasure to work with in all areas of your business requirements.”

Martin Curtis, CMH Construction in Winnipeg, MB

“One of the many benefits of signing on with Avitan is the Estimating software. They have tirelessly customized it to our specific needs, working with us detail by detail to make sure it is an efficient tool for our own business.  It has been a labour intensive and detailed process, but Avitan has been available to answer all of our questions and make adjustments to the program to suit our needs. We would gladly recommend their services and software to anyone!”

Bridget and Steven Rogers, Tony William Roofing & Exteriors Inc. in Calgary, AB
“We at Contempora Steel Builders have had the experience of having Avitan visit our office for three years to implement systems and train our employees on the implementations. Having them beside us we got the following results:

-More profitability
-Better control of our finances
-Better organizational structure
-More time for the owners to better manage the company instead of it managing us.

It was a very rewarding experience as we have now doubled our sales volumes therefore lowering our % overhead. I strongly recommend partnering with Avitan to at least do the corporate analysis so you can see where your inefficiencies are. You will be amazed!”

Bob Gagnon, Contempora Steel Builders in Winnipeg, MB
“We have already gained control of overhead costs…actively changed our Sales & Marketing systems and experienced positive results. This is evidenced by already doubling our construction volume for the next two years.”
Chris Lundy, Westmark Construction in Nanaimo, BC

“Avitan’s proven management tools developed from years of construction experience have dramatically improved our ability to more effectively manage operations, make better informed decisions and increased our profitability.”
Les Wold, Effect Home Builders in Edmonton, AB

“In a matter of 4 months, our company has turned around and we’ve
brought up our profitability by about 10 or 12 points – so the results really speak for themselves.”
Ernie Blouin, Ernest Construction in Calgary, AB

“It was extremely beneficial for us to have had your help to assist with our growth, both economically and professionally. Without your assistance it would have cost me a lot of time and money trying to figure out applicable charge-out rates, values of work/relationships, overhead costs and many more valuable tools of the trade.I would recommend Avitan Business Resources to any company who requires training in management skills, systems and a boost in confidence!”
Greg Constable, Island West Coast Developments in Nanaimo, BC
“It is not every day that you meet a person or company that truly makes a difference in both your personal and professional life. Since we started dealing with Avitan Business Resources we have personally benefited in many ways. Our company has a more defined and clear direction as we grow into the future. We have also restructured our job responsibilities, which has resulted in me personally focusing on my passion, which is selling and liberating my time to focus on the customer needs.

Avitan is proving to be more like a business partner and a support mechanism that we can depend on and rely on every step of the way.”

George Constantinides, Contempora Steel in Winnipeg, MB

“Working with Avitan helped us to mature as a business, by providing us with expert knowledge in areas we had not yet had time to develop. Through specific targeting, Avitan assisted in identifying and quickly tightening up our operational organization, contracts, and the integration of our cost coding into our accounting software.

The staff working for Avitan possess a wealth of knowledge, and enjoy sharing their extensive experience with others. We will continue to use the tools Avitan has helped us develop as we strive for success in the future.”

Sean Davey, Blacktop Paving in Edmonton, AB
“It is without reservation that I recommend Amos Avitan of Avitan Business Resources. There were several important aspects of his coaching that Amos covered with my management team and myself. Accounting systems, job costs, estimating, cash flow, projection, business plan,scheduling, quality control, sub-trades pre-qualifications, marketing, mission statement, customer satisfaction, employee morale, protecting assets, and finally the one aspect I found most beneficial, budgeting.

I am confident that if selected for your company or firm Amos Avitan would provide the same level of service and professional commitment.”

Garth Dushanek, Asset Builders in Red Deer, AB

“On behalf of Alfa Mechanical Ltd. I would like to thank you for your wonderful work. Your contribution to our company is invaluable and has strengthened our business.

We are very pleased and satisfied with the strategies that you have developed. We are better equipped to serve our customers; the adjustment in our organizational structure and job descriptions has improved our working efficiency; our technicians and administration staff are motivated and becoming more productive; we are attracting new customers and our sales have increased.”

Rod Heming, Alfa Mechanical in Edmonton, AB

“Only four months into Avitan’s teaching and guidance, they have already assisted us in many aspects of our business.

We are now able to to identify our true employee costs. This consequently, has helped us recognize that our charge-out rate and methods for charging labour on service calls needed to be adjusted. It has also been applied to our quotation process.

The cash flow plan that Avitan developed has allowed us to be more in control of our payables and receivables.

Tracking progress of projects allows us to see how we are doing before the job is complete, and to make adjustments along the way to attain the profit we budgeted for.

Avitan has developed a system for proper pricing of change orders which by design reminds us to enter costs that are often forgotten about.

We are looking forward to the coming months (training).”

Eric Philbrook, Active Electric in Surrey, BC

“Its 14 months later and there have been quite a number of changes that have taken place, what a learning experience it has been! I have also learned a lot about myself and the people around me. I am really looking forward to our move to our new office and shop where we will start a new chapter in our lives.

Business has been very good and we have had some excellent new employees join our team.

I have been rejuvenated and excited about the future and I want to thank you Amos for being instrumental in making these changes. I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Aquilino Naccarato, Ackard Contractors in Edmonton, AB

“I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the time you have spent with Steve and myself restructuring this company. We have worked with other advisors in the past but you are the first person who has looked directly at our circumstances by delving into our paperwork and introduced new methods and operations of conduct.

I used to look at the operation of this company in weekly terms only. How much do I need to collect this week in order to pay our vendors, employees etc. Now I look at the operations of the company in both monthly and yearly terms also. I have learned to project cashflow for the month following which has enabled us to aim for a certain sales level each month. It has also showed me in advance when short falls will occur, giving us time to solve these problems. I feel as though I am more aware of what is occurring in this company and I am moving toward a goal rather than just trying to get through.

Finally I want to thank you for your optimism. Difficult times had me feel discouraged and worried about the future of this company but now I feel energized and am ready to take the steps required to make this company successful. Thank You!”

Della Smith, Enterprise Sheet Metal in Vancouver, BC

“Being in business for 8 years working 16 hours a day, had run me into the ground. I was in need in either some good help or a new job. Then I met Amos. With Amos’s coaching abilities and knowledge of business I have renewed confidence and optimism. With a clear path to follow I look forward to the future.

Every session with Amos opens new doors and greater insight to operating and growing a business.

I will forever be indebted to Amos Avitan.

Thank you, Amos.”

Glen Bertelson, North Star Mechanical in New Westminster, BC

“From the review of our company to the day to day operations, Avitan’s tools, coaching and support have resulted on Dendera Electric’s management and staff developing the skills and understanding to successfully job cost, estimate, manage cash flow, budget, schedule and improve both customer and employee relationships.

Thank you for being a big part of Dendera’s successful growth and future.”

Paul Rivera, Dendera Electric in Calgary, AB

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Real Companies.
Real Results.
Make this YOUR best year ever.
Get the results you want.

START NOW 1-866-542-4713

Real Companies.
Real Results.
Make this YOUR best year ever.
Get the results you want.

START NOW 1-866-542-4713

Real Companies.
Real Results.
Make this YOUR best year ever.
Get the results you want.

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