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Cash Flow Projections


Do you have a cash-flow projection plan?

Do you know how to maintain it?

Cash flow projections ensure that a company is managing funds accurately and without guesswork.

Monitoring your cash flow daily is quite a simple function, yet it is often ignored by untrained owners and bookkeepers. By not keeping a watchful eye on the monies coming in vs. money leaving your bank account, you could be courting embarrassing situations such as bouncing cheques.

That could turn out to be a big problem, since a credit check by any future suppliers will reveal these and in most cases will cause them to shy away from a company that issues bad cheques. A monthly cash flow projection sheet should be reviewed.

Course Format: 2 hour In-Class session

Date & Time: October 27, 2017 - 8:00am

Pricing: $350.00/attendee + applicable taxes

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