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Charge Out Rate


We will train you to properly calculate charge out rates to include both the total costs, and the profits needed to achieve your objectives of growth and stability. Your rates must be a direct reflection of costs, and not be market driven. Avitan will build a sustainable charge out rate system and provide training on how to maintain it.

You will understand all the factors that must be included in your charge out rate, and how to calculate them. You will understand the importance of knowing what it actually costs you to have your labour in the field.

1. Learn to calculate proper charge out rates that reflect the company's true costs.
2. Review the company's current method of calculating rates and mark ups.
3. Train on regular maintenance of charge out rates and the importance to the the company's health to have these current.

Course Format: 8 hours of In-Class training

Dates & Times:   June 11, 2019 - 8:00am - 4:00pm

Pricing: $3,541.00/attendee + applicable taxes

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