We Help Construction & Trades Companies Unlock Their Growth Potential By Increasing Their Profitability And Efficiency

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Some Of Our Successful Clients

Avitan’s building block approach and ongoing support instills confidence in our company and has enabled Westmount Homes to redefine our purpose without overwhelming our day to day operations.

David S., Calgary contractor

CMH Construction is a concrete and excavation company operating in Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba. Avitan Business Resources have helped us in all areas of our business. Their customized training system has helped CMH Construction grow as a company.

Martin C., Winnipeg contractor

A very rewarding experience as we have now doubled our sales volumes therefore lowering our % overhead. I strongly recommend partnering with Avitan to at least do the corporate analysis so you can see where your inefficiencies are. You will be amazed!

Bob G., Winnipeg contractor

The staff working for Avitan possess a wealth of knowledge, and enjoy sharing their extensive experience with others. We will continue to use the tools Avitan has helped us develop as we strive for success in the future.

Sean D., Edmonton contractor

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How We Help Construction & Trades Companies Unlock Their Growth Potential

We offer a proven and hands-on, full implementation and support program that covers the Avitan 5 Pillars – a proven business growth framework specifically designed for construction and trades companies.

Read more below about how the Avitan 5 Pillars Framework can increase growth and efficiency at your company.

The Avitan 5 Pillars Framework:

The Avitan 5 Pillars Framework covers the 5 crucial areas (Pillars) necessary to build a thriving and profitable construction and trades company. When each of these 5 Pillars are functioning like a well-oiled machine, you’ll have a company that generates high net profits and runs efficiently without your direct input.

1. Profitability

We uncover where you’re losing profits, and show you how to increase and retain more of your anticipated net profits so you’re always in control of your cash flow.

2. Operational Efficiency

We show you how to systemize and document key areas of your company’s operations so you always have accurate information in front of you to make good decisions without the guesswork.

3. Employees

We help you build strong company values and culture, and show you how to increase productivity from your employees plus how to hire, train and retain employees for the long-term.

4. Marketing & Sales

We’ll show you how to do marketing effectively that produces a good ROI on your marketing dollars. This also covers your sales process and how to win more contracts at premium rates.

5. Business Planning (including succession)

We’ll help develop a custom roadmap for your company’s continual growth and long-term improvement that also covers selling the business or passing down to family in the future.

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Our Story

Amos Avitan

Amos Avitan

When Amos Avitan sold his contracting company in 2001, he planned to retire. He’d come a long way from a teenage tradesman in Montreal, to owning a construction company that spanned 2 provinces and employed 125 workers.

It wasn’t long before he missed the industry that had been his life for 30 years. He became restless. So when a young contractor reached out for some business advice, Amos jumped at the chance to share his knowledge and experience.

That’s how Avitan Business Resources began — a season contractor sharing his ability to grow a profitable company.

It quickly grew into workshops, seminars, mentoring and in house training. Today the company serves contractors across the country, offering systems and procedures for consistent profits and cash flow control. Avitan Business Resources is particularly noted for its mind-blowingly insightful Core Cause Analysis — a one-of-a-kind process for unlocking a company’s true potential.

More Client Feedback

“In a matter of 4 months, our company has turned around and we’ve brought up our profitability by about 10 or 12 points – so the results really speak for themselves.”

Ernie B., Calgary

“We have already gained control of overhead costs…actively changed our Sales & Marketing systems and experienced positive results. This is evidenced by already doubling our construction volume for the next two years.”

Chris L., Nanaimo

“Avitan’s proven management tools developed from years of construction experience have dramatically improved our ability to more effectively manage operations, make better informed decisions and increased our profitability.”

Les W., Edmonton
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It is actually you who will implement the changes, not Avitan. We will give you tools, advice, information, support, education and incentive, but if you are not ready to make changes in your company, it will not happen. As our testimonials show, we have helped many trades and construction companies before, and we will continue to do it in the future. The question really is, will yours be one of them?
Avitan is not a consulting company. We are hands-on trainers, educators and mentors. We do not make recommendations and then disappear. We stay with you through the process to help, advise and educate. Plus we have many checks along the way to ensure implementation is happening. We stand beside our clients for as long as they need us. What consulting company does that?
Avitan’s impact on our clients is significant. The average ROI for our clients is 122%. This means that if you are serious about investing in your company’s education and growth, the increase in profitability for your company will pay for the training and then some. Remember that 122% return on investment is only the average. Many of our clients do much better than that.
All the costs for training are included in the contract. There are no further charges unless both companies mutually agree to a change in the training program.
The principles taught by Avitan are about profitability, efficiency, and proactive planning. These principles are as true for a painter as they are for a developer or a general contractor. It doesn’t matter if you are in a specialized trade or are a builder of high rises. You will still need to fuel your company and its growth with profits and sound business practices. Avitan has knowledge, experience, and tools that will give your company the boost you’ve been looking for.
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