Project Description

Edmonton General Contracting Company Generates $5M In Annual Sales Working With Avitan

Background Before Working With Avitan

Dan was a hard-working and ambitious business owner of a General Contracting company based in Edmonton, Alberta. He had grown his company to $2M in annual sales revenues but he was stuck working far too many hours, was constantly stressed, and often faced tense business problems he didn’t know how to solve without making profit killing mistakes.

His business problems also affected his personal and family life. He rarely had time for family, barely took a day off, and rarely went on vacation.

He knew that his company had great potential to grow but the reality was that his lack of business knowledge and education holding back the company’s growth. He knew that with Avitan’s help, he’d be able to make the breakthroughs needed to achieve the kind of growth and family life that he wanted.

Key Statistics

$2M in sales with a net profit of 2% of sales – before working with Avitan

$5M in sales with a net profit of 10% of sales – after working with Avitan

Construction worker - Case study Avitan

What We Did

The first thing we did was do a detailed Analysis of his company’s business operations to find out exactly what the biggest bottlenecks were that were holding back his company’s growth.

What we found is that whilst his sales were consistently strong, he was draining much net profit due to poor estimation processes, lack of proper contracts, and accurate bookkeeping. We helped him develop a vastly improved and advanced estimation system that secured his net profits with every new contract he secured from the get-go. Additionally, we helped him develop a proper accounting and bookkeeping system that gave him control over the numbers in his business.

Results Achieved

Just 18 months after developing this customized system for his business, he was retaining a significantly larger amount of net profitability, which allowed him to purchase a new building to sustain his company’s rapid growth and expansion as a result.

Additionally, with our guidance, we showed him how to transition into the very profitable but ultra-difficult commercial and institutional sector. This is what allowed Dan’s company to take off because the process of bonding/tendering can be quite difficult, and we guided him through every step of the way so he was able to secure lucrative bids for his company.

As a side effect, Dan’s family and personal life also improved dramatically. He was finally able to take regular vacations with his wife and family, no longer works crazy hours in the business, and has a much more positive work/family life balance that he craved.

What Next

If you’re like Dan and you know that there is potential for growth in your company and you’re serious about making big changes to get the results you want in your business and life then book a free 30-min Strategy Session with an Avitan Senior Advisor today.

This is not your sales pitch, shove our stuff down your throat, it’s about seeing if there is a way we can best help you get what it is you want in your business.